cronus is a Python tool designed to facilitate Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) and Nested Sampling (NS) in large supercomputing clusters.

It relies on the powerful MCMC sampler zeus to do the heavy-lifting and incorporates various MPI features along with a suite of automated Convergence Diagnostics.

cronus is designed to be used via the terminal using parameter files and it is particularly suited for Astrophysical and Cosmological applications.

Getting Started

  • See the Installation page for instruction on how to easily install cronus.
  • See the Quick Start page for a simple example.
  • See the Advanced Use page for more information about the ways cronus can be configured.
  • See the FAQ page for frequently asked questions.
  • See the Troubleshooting page for any problems with cronus.
  • See the API page for a detailed API documentation.


  • Please cite X if you find this code useful in your research.


Copyright 2020 Minas Karamanis and contributors.

cronus is free software made available under the GPL-3.0 License.


1.0.0 (07/09/20)

  • First public release.